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Night Sky Editions

I am excited to finally launch my new website, to celebrate I have decided to offer the first edition from my new series as a free mint.

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about sam

A little about me...

With more than two decades of experience as a developer, I have witnessed the progression of the internet from the early stages of "Web1" to the current iteration of "Web2," and have delved into the emergence of "Web3".

In addition to my professional pursuits, I have earned recognition for my skills in astrophotography being awarded runner-up in the "People and Space" category of the prestigious Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition in 2019.

our dark nights

Our Dark Nights

A series that explores the mysteries of our universe through the lens of my camera. A collection of the last 5 years from my journey shooting the night sky from the small pebble we call Earth.

Launching Soon

My Latest Ramblings

As an experienced developer and avid astrophotographer, I am excited to explore and write about my interests in web technologies, blockchains and astrophotography.

Building on the blockchain

Building on the blockchain

My Journey Beyond Astrophotography and into the NFT Space

My Journey Beyond Astrophotography and into the NFT Space